Wooden gazebo

Wooden gazebo

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What's this

The wooden gazebo is a structure made of wood that was created mainly with the function of having a space sheltered from the sun. This area is usually used as a dining area or as a relaxation corner, especially in those gardens where there are no or few shaded areas created by tall trees. The wooden gazebo represents the classic model par excellence, as it is a material that knows no fashions and therefore always remains very trendy. Precisely for this reason it is recommended to those looking for a timeless style that can however be revived with the use of accessories.


The wood used for the construction of the gazebo is subjected to treatments that allow it to guarantee good durability over time. In order not to cover the natural beauty, transparent substances are used. The wood is very resistant to all weather conditions and only after a few years can it begin to damage. The classic form of the wooden gazebo it is square and ends with a point at the top. Today the forms that the wooden gazebo assumes are the most varied and this allows the customer to choose from a wide range of gazebos. The rectangular shape with the flat upper part is another rather interesting version that certainly brings a touch of modernity to the garden. The covering of the wooden gazebo can be made with different materials. For a more rustic style you can use tiles, while for a more current style you can use a cloth. The cover with the cloth is quite comfortable, it is a cloth that prevents the sun's rays from filtering and this ensures total protection. Furthermore, if you choose the opening version, the curtain is not static, but can be opened and closed as needed. This particularity makes it possible to guarantee the fabric a longer duration, because during the winter it is not exposed to the action of rain. The cloth, even if created specifically for this function, can get dirty and wear out. In this case, at a specialized shop, you can buy another one of the same size, perhaps with a different pattern that contributes to enrich the garden. The cover can also be chosen with wooden slats, which can also be opened, thus allowing the light to filter through. The solutions, in the case of the wooden gazebo, are so many, you just need to choose the gazebo that best matches your garden.


The gazebo is a garden structure that is exposed outdoors for the entire duration of the year, so it is essential that it is fixed correctly. The fixing takes place directly in the ground by means of bolts or on the tiles, if that area is paved. Installing a gazebo is an operation that can also be carried out personally by following simple instructions, in some cases the same dealer can offer the transport and assembly service.


The wooden gazebo requires proper maintenance only for what concerns the wood. After a few years it may show the first signs of aging so, if you intervene promptly, the gazebo can really ensure an unlimited duration. At all DIY stores it is possible to purchase specific protective oils for wood, an operation that can also be carried out personally. If the gazebo has been neglected for a long time, it may be much cheaper to buy it new. Furthermore, today it is common practice to close the gazebo laterally, transforming it into a sort of veranda. This lateral closure takes place with hinged door systems which in summer can then be completely opened. It is advisable to periodically check, especially after heavy rains, if there are leaks that could create problems for the flooring, especially if it is made of wood. The wooden gazebo, if always treated in the right way, remains a cult of your garden which can possibly also be changed color if you want to renew it.

Where to buy

The wooden gazebo can be purchased in shops for garden furniture or, if you have special requests, you can contact a carpenter. A craftsmanship guarantees a perfect result, but it is certainly more laborious and expensive than a prefabricated gazebo. Of course, also based on the cost, so everyone will be free to orient themselves on models present in the store or have it made to measure. Those who decide to make it themselves will find everything they need, including wood, at DIY stores. It is always preferable to have a drawing with the project for a precise reference on the amount of wood to buy and on the cut it will have to have.

Gazebo: Wooden gazebo tailored for you

Would you like to get more information about an element that could give you invaluable support, as far as decorating your green corner is concerned? Obviously we are talking about the so-called gazebos, unique in knowing how to combine their aesthetic component with the functional one, considering their particular structure.

It is thanks to an element of this type, more in particular, that the temperature in the home garden can always remain at more than acceptable levels, giving you a real guarantee in obtaining moments of authentic relaxation. In addition, the wooden gazebos will also be able to contribute from a stylistic point of view, being among the most elegant in this particular market.

Realization and sale of wooden gazebos - Edil Garden

Photos taken from our projects on Lake Garda - in the provinces of Parma, Pavia - on Lake Iseo and in the province of Venice

Construction and sale of wooden garden gazebos to be placed near the swimming pool, parks, in the mountains or by the sea. Shading covers for your garden or terrace.

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Wooden gazebo - cover with pvc sheet

Independent wooden structures, fixed to the ground with special iron anchors. Poles in solid wood or, depending on the needs, in laminated wood with wooden gratings mis. 60x180 h which can be replaced by other wooden panels. Cover with fireproof, anti-hail PVC sheet. Sample color.

(1) Economy gazebo with PVC fabric

(2) economy gazebo with pvc cover, straight valance


How much does a wooden gazebo cost?

The costs of the gazebo and those of its installation vary naturally depending on the type of gazebo chosen, of her dimension and the presence or absence of garden furniture intended to complete the purchase of the gazebo.

Much also affects the distance of the company headquarters from the home where the gazebo will be transported and assembled, so it will be advisable to inquire about which companies are present in the area of ​​your home and ask for a series of free estimates to determine the best combination between the quality of the product to be purchased, the efficiency of the transport and assembly operations and the price requested for the entire service.

Through his quote request system, PG Casa puts you in touch with the professionals closest to you to ask for a free quote, detailed and without obligation.

Available in two colors: black or green.

The BROMPTON gazebo it is also available in the version with a wooden roof covered with bituminous sheath shaped like tiles in color black or green.

The bituminous sheath is waterproof and very resistant to atmospheric agents, as well as insulating, and is laid on the wooden base of the roof.

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